My dad and mom saw the world differently


There was very little about my childhood that was normal. My father and mother weren’t interested in leading a “normal” life. Things that other people took for granted: housing, paychecks, public schooling, modern medicine, television, and many other trappings of contemporary life, were all questioned and often rejected in our family. My parents were convinced that they could find a better way. Who’s to say they weren’t right?

Dad’s rejection of a conventional career had the most impact on us. Instead of a “real job,” Dad became an artist, and with mom’s help, established himself as well-respected, internationally collected painter. He also set out to build massive geodesic dome on his own, by hand, in the Idaho countryside. He took on a quixotic fight with one of the country’s most mistrusted and despised institutions . . . and lost.

Every day was an adventure for me, my four sisters and five brothers, but there were times when we would have given anything to be like all the other kids. That was never going to happen with my parents at the helm.

I invite you to discover how a highly unusual childhood shaped the direction of my life and lead me to a life in the art world.


Jason Horejs

author of Dad was an Artist | A Survivor’s Story

& Owner of Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ


From the Cover

Growing up in rural southern Idaho, Jason Horejs didn’t realize how unusual his family was. His father had chosen to pursue an unlikely career as a fine artist, and, in 1978, had moved the family into a single-wide trailer while setting out to build a large, geodesic dome home in the countryside. The building project was supposed to take nine months, but the months turned into years, and as the spaceship-like dome rose among the potato fields, the family grew.

Neighboring farmers were confounded by the dome, and the other family oddities. Jason’s parents took their children out of the public school system to be home-schooled, avoided modern healthcare, vaccines and hospital baby deliveries.

Only as adults would Jason and his siblings come to realize how extraordinary their upbringing had been and appreciate the opportunities they had thanks to their parents’ unusual approach to life. They saw first-hand, and were a part of, their dad’s transformation from obscure painter to internationally renowned artist, and would realize that a family can do things differently, overcome anything, and be stronger for it.

Dad Was An Artist is a humorous and warm account of a family that went off the edge, and eventually found their way back. It’s a story of struggle and persistence and how a child can find a path to stability in turbulent and mystifying circumstances.


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